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How to Buy or Sell — Western Artifacts, Cowboys and Indians

Cowboy shooting gallery target

Cowboy shooting gallery target, Shorty, William F. Mangels Co., Coney Island, N.Y. , c.1900. Iron, old freckled surface with remains of red, white and blue paint. Notched hat, cast features and shirt collar details, two applied bullseyes, gun belt with two six-shooters, bowed legs with blue jeans, and boots with spurs, on custom iron stand, 53 in. h. by 28 in. w., $33,900.

Anything representative of the Old West is very easily sold. Spurs, saddles, photographs, carvings, furniture, snowshoes, even Stetson hats and old boots sell well. All Indian-made pieces are in demand, both old and new. This includes blankets, rugs, beadwork, pottery, dolls, baskets, jewelry, clothing, and special crafts like quill work. There are a few restrictions […]
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