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Kämmer & Reinhardt hand-wind disc Gramophone with horn

Kämmer & Reinhardt hand-wind disc Gramophone with horn, papier-mâché horn and elbow, brass listening tube sphere, and oak base with original finish, earliest version of the strap reproducer with patents from several countries and dates ranging from 1887 to 1890, (belt and turntable felt replaced, gilt touched up, damage to bell), Berliner patent, c.1891, 13 by 7 3/4 in., $57,500.

Phonographs, phonograph records, radios, and even television sets are popular collectibles. Early phonographs are stocked in some shops; later models are now important because they are needed to play the music. The item must be in good working condition to be of value. “Crossover” examples, those wanted by collectors of another type of antique, are […]
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