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Thun Chechoslovakia Mark

Q I brought a set of china from a charity shop and can’t find the name of the maker anywhere. The pieces are marked with a crown, the initials TK,” and ”Thun, Czechoslovakia.” I’d like to complete the set. Does the mark tell something about it?

A Your china was made by Count Thun’s Porcelain Factory in Klosterle, Bohemia (presently Klasterec, Czech Republic). The factory was founded in 1794 by Franz Joseph Thun and J.N. Weber. It was nationalized after World War II and several changes in ownership followed. This mark was used from 1918 until at least the 1980s. It’s not possible to date your china exactly but it is earlier than 1993, when the country became the Czech Republic. The company is still in business, now known as Thun 1794 a.s. and claims to be the largest producer of Czech porcelain. You may be able to complete your set through the company or through a matching service.

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