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“Old” Toys for Christmas

Old toys are back for Christmas. They are similar, but different enough to be recognized as new. Don’t be fooled. Parents might want to extend their collections; kids just think they are familiar and are made for 2020. But nostaligia sells the toys to parents with the box label, not the toy. Look for this year’s Barbie (60 years old) in one of the six of her more than 200 careers that include astronaut and political candidate. She is no longer just a blond; the dolls are available with several choices of skin and hair colors, but with the old face and hairdo. Also updated are Sesame Street characters such as a larger, softer, Elmo (50 years). New toys are based on Little Mermaid’s (30 years) sisters, Sponge Bob (20 years) with colorful slime shot from a catapult, and curvier, more colorful Star Wars (42 years) sets. And there are, as always, new versions of Mickey Mouse and Toy Story characters.


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