Tiffany Lamp Sets Record Price

Tiffany lamp sells for world record price. An exquisitely detailed Tiffany “Poppy” leaded glass table lamp sold for $541,200 (includes buyer’s premium) at a recent Morphy auction. Morphy’s believes it to be a world record price for a Tiffany Poppy lamp. What sets it apart is the complex artistry of the shade and an exceedingly rare base with 16 iridescent Favrile glass balls supporting the lamp’s stem. Morphy’s has sold other Poppy lamps in the $70,000 to $125,000 range. The auction house’s president, Dan Morphy, noted that the design would had to have been laid out piece by piece, highlighted by the addition of intense cobalt blue glass that’s rarely seen in art glass lamps. “It’s a complex masterpiece,” Morphy says. “It’s one of the greatest artworks to come out of Tiffany Studios.”


Tiffany Poppy lamp

Photo: Morphy Auctions


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