Royal Haeger Vase

Q: I’d like to know if you know if the vase attached has any value? It was my grandmother’s. On the bottom is “Royal Haeger, RG148, USA” in raised letters. I see them online but not with the numbers stamped on the bottom like the one I have.

A: This is a planter made by Haeger Potteries, Inc., of Dundee, Illinois. The figure is Madonna. The company started making commercial artwares in 1914. Early pieces were marked with the name “Haeger” written over the letter “H” but the mark was changed to “Royal Haeger” about 1938 in honor of Royal Hickman, a designer at the factory. The pottery closed in 2016. Haeger made several different versions of the Madonna planter. We’ve seen other planters like yours with the same mark on the bottom. The “RG” mark indicates this planter is part of the Royal Garden Flower-ware line, which was made from 1954 to 1963. Pieces were made with solid matte finishes. The designs were numbered in the order in which they were made. The last piece designed was numbered “RG198.” Value of your planter, about $15.

royal haeger usa madonna pottery vase

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