Former owners of a house in Columbia, South Carolina, have plenty to be thankful for: The new owners of the home returned $25,000 worth of old American coins found hidden in built-in drawers in a closet. Two cases contained 46 gold Liberty $5 coins and 18 Morgan silver dollars made in the 1800s. With an 1800s face value of $248 dollars, the coin collection has a current value of $25,000. New homeowners James and Clarrisa Munford, both retired from the Army, never considered keeping the stash. “We really didn’t know anything about the value of the coins,” said Clarrisa in a New York Post article. “We really didn’t care, to be honest with you, we knew they were his.” The previous homeowner, who did not want to be identified, had put the coins in the back of a sock drawer for safekeeping and forgot about them. The rest of his coin collection was in his safe. 

gold and silver coins found in home 2020

Photo: CNN


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