Bottle Museum: You Can’t Touch, But You Can Enjoy!

There are virtual business meetings, virtual book clubs, virtual classrooms and now — a virtual museum! The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors this year debuted a virtual museum for “visitors” to enjoy the most significant historical bottles and other items related to early glass. With a couple of clicks, visitors can enjoy 3D imaging of galleries and exhibitions. Categories, or “exhibition rooms,” are divided into galleries of bitters bottles, historical flasks, spirits, jars, target balls, spring and mineral water, poisons (only one example as of yet), inks, and food and sauces. The medicine bottles gallery is the only gallery that is still a work-in-progress. 
To navigate, go to galleries and click on a topic. Once in a gallery, you will be looking a well-lit display filled with bottles. Click on one of the bottles and you get a rotating 3-D view. Want to stop the rotation to study details? Click on the arrow above the bottle. Re-start the rotation by clicking on the triangle at the left. On the right side of the screen is a slide show with history, possible marks and labels.  
Pick a rainy day, a slow day or a busy day and take a break by going to the FOHBC Virtual Museum.  

general george washington eagle flask bottle cobalt blue kensington glass works fohbc museum

“General Washington” /  Eagle Portrait Flask
Cobalt Blue, made by the Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pa.

Kentucky Gem Whiskey
One of the most sought after western fifths in antique bottle collecting circles

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