New Exhibit Helps Girls Dream Big, Just Like Barbie

Imagine it and it will happen. That is the message behind a new exhibit opening August 1 at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis called “Barbie, You Can Be Anything: The Experience.” 

The museum is partnering with Mattel to celebrate 61 years of Barbie with a new exhibit showcasing the iconic doll’s many careers (more than 200 and counting). Careers include judge, astronaut, gold-medal gymnast, reporter, paleontologist, doctor, nurse, journalist and zoologist. Barbie, created by Ruth Handler in 1959 and said to have been inspired by the German doll Bild Lilli, was probably the first American teenage doll. The Indianapolis exhibit shows Barbie dolls through the decades and explores 15 careers and looking at some of Barbie’s other vocations with the goal of inspiring girls to break down barriers and follow their dreams. Maybe Barbie’s next career could be an expert on antiques and collectibles? For more about Barbie’s history, visit our identification guide.  

Photos: © Mattel 

Pediatrician Barbie

Pediatrician Barbie

Park Ranger Barbie

Photojournalist Barbie

Judge Barbie

Art Teacher Barbie



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