Rare 14K Gold Lego Bionicle Mask Found at Goodwill in Random Donated Box of Jewelry

According to a study published in Research in International Business and Finance in January 2022, retired Lego sets have a higher return on investment than gold. So, what happens when you have a Lego piece made of gold? A Goodwill in Pennsylvania found out, and the piece in question sold for over $18,000.

A Goodwill warehouse near State College, Pennsylvania, received what a spokesperson described as “a box full of random jewelry.” One piece turned out to be an inch-tall mask in a Lego box. When tested, it proved to be 14K gold.

Kanohi Hau Mask Bionicle 14K Lego pieceKanohi Hau Mask Bionicle 14K Lego piece
Photo courtesy Goodwill

The piece is a Kanohi Hau mask from Lego’s Bionicle line, which originally ran from 2001 to 2010. Bionicle toys were “constructible action figures” with movable parts. Instead of the conventional bricks, they were based on Lego Technic sets, which include functioning mechanisms and encourage engineering skills. The Bionicle characters wore masks, and the company had a few cast in silver, gold, and platinum as gifts for employees and contest prizes. The exact number is not known, but it is estimated that 30 gold masks were made.

The mask weighs about 26 grams and contains about $994 worth of gold. When it was listed online, its price immediately surpassed that; the first bid was for $3,300! By the time it sold on February 21, the winning bid was $18,101.

Kanohi Hau Mask Bionicle 14K Lego piece
weighs in at 26.14 grams. Photo courtesy Goodwill

The piece had previously sold for $33,000 but was listed for sale again when the buyer changed their mind.

While it’s highly unlikely that most of us will find a gold Lego, you might be surprised by what some vintage sets can sell for. Sites like BrickEconomy and the Lego marketplace, BrickLink, are comprehensive guides to LEGO economics, market values, and trends.

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