Kovels’ A Diary: How to Sell, Settle, and Profit from a Collector’s Estate


The details of settling an estate can be daunting. This guide will help you decide where and how to sell. It also addresses legal responsibilities, heirlooms, charities, and how much of your time and effort will be involved.

Learn how to settle an estate so you make money and keep everyone in your family happy, or as happy as possible. Full-color, saddle-stitched report, 56 pages 8-1/2 by 5-1/2 in.

FREE with this product: How to Settle a Collector’s Estate Supplement, a list with useful websites, auction lists, and helpful information.


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When someone you love dies it can be overwhelming. The emotions as well as the financial responsibility of handling their antiques and collectibles can give you a sense of pride if you know what to do.

We give you tips on where and how to sell furniture, jewelry, dishes, porcelain figurines, record albums, bikes, vintage cars, clothes, and more. Everything you can think of, and then the dozens of things you never knew to ask, are all here.

Terry Kovel faced this very same situation when her husband, Ralph, died.  “I didn’t realize how many decisions there can be,” Terry says.

Now you can read her diary and learn what to do when you’re faced with one of life’s most difficult tasks and come out feeling you did the right thing for everybody.

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