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Our 51th Edition! Whether you plan to buy or sell antiques and collectibles, determining the correct price of your item(s) can be confusing. That’s why newbies and veteran collectors alike turn to the Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles 2019 Price Guide for help. The 2019 edition empowers collectors with the most up-to-date price information based on actual sales and market data. Featuring an easy-to-read format with tips, marks and logos, the Price Guide includes 16,000 prices, over 300 factory marks and more than 2,500 color photos of items in the categories most sought-after by collectors, including Advertising, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Kitchen, Porcelain, Toys, Sewing and Tools.

Unlike other price guides that focus exclusively on high-end antiques, Kovels’ covers American and international items you might already own. Plus, KOVELS’ PRICE GUIDE 2019 includes a bonus section – “What’s Hot and What’s Not in Antiques & Collectibles,” an illustrated record price list, and hundreds of marks that identify the age and help price your piece.

Terry Kovel says, “I think you are going to love this year’s book! The pictures are bigger, and the new additional marks will help you date and price your finds.”

Don’t cheat yourself out of the most accurate price information — order your new Kovels’ 2019 Price Guide today!

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