2.55K viewsFurniture, Clocks, & Lighting
2.55K viewsFurniture, Clocks, & Lighting

We found this cabinet at the curb in a snow bank in our neighborhood.

It looked to be in excellent condition so we asked the home owner if we could take it.
It would have been a shame for it to be crushed in a garbage truck. We love it in our den.

It has the Bernhardt Furniture Co. label on the back. with ‘#141’ written in chalk.
Can anyone tell us anything about it’s age, style, value?






It is 60.5 inches tall, 39 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep. All oak.


You did well to grab it from the curb !! Perhaps in the future this type furniture will come back to popularity !! In the meantime you have a well made piece of furniture that is likely better than you could find today !! Looks great with your steins and stone ware !!

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