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Hail to the Chief with Presidential Memorabilia

Harrison and Morton jugate campaign bandanna, 1888. Cotton, circle of stars around portraits, flags and eagles in corners. Banners announce "For President / Benj. Harrison / Of Indiana / For Vice President / Levi P. Morton / Of New York / Our Choice / 1888 / Protection To Home / Industries." Archivally framed, 26 1/2 in. by 28 1/2 in. $175.

Antique and vintage items relating to presidential campaigns, assassinations and war are always more popular in a presidential election year. More than 300 lots of historical manuscripts, photographs, books and other items were in a recent sale by Cowan’s Auctions in Ohio. The sale offered eight presidential campaign bandannas, ranging from 1888 to 1940. Bandannas […]
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