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Approximately 3 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

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Photo: Hannam’s Auctioneers Ltd.

16 responses to “It’s #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. says:

    Answer from Kovels: This is a Victorian silver hanging scent holder with a rough exterior.

  2. sherandone says:

    I looks like a nutmeg grater; however, it doesn’t seem to have a top opening. The nutmeg is usually stored inside. If there is an opening on the backside it could have been used as a candle holder/diffuser to scatter light about the room.

  3. Hookman says:

    It appears to be a silver nutmeg grater, nutmeg being one of those spices favored by the wealthy of Victorian times, in that it was grated over the top of their cups of eggnog at Christmas time, or maybe it is a safe-cracking tool used to soften up the tips of the safe-cracking yegg’s fingers so he could better feel the movement of the tumblers in the safe’s lock mechanism.

  4. Beejaycee says:

    There are no hinges visible so it doesn’t open. It isn’t decorated so it isn’t for display. It has a handle but it is only 3 1/2 inches. Easy to carry. Probably light weight, at that size. An old fashioned grater of some kind sounds logical. I don’t cook so I learned something new! Thanks guys.

  5. zvicki says:

    I think I’d call it a Vegetable or Cabbage Shredder. But it’s hard to tell by the looks of it here.

  6. tiaowen says:

    It’s a grater for spices and other edibles. Perhaps even for finely grating hard cheeses, but it’s definitely a grater.

  7. garioki says:

    George III silver table nutmeg grater by John Reily London 1801

  8. hippiechick51955 says:

    I’m going with a grater for spices such as nut and cinnamon

  9. flash472002 says:

    Yes, nutmeg grater.

  10. captscot says:

    It is a candle lantern, that can be hung on a wall

  11. DOBIE66 says:

    Old Vintage Tin Nutmeg Grater

  12. Bob33 says:

    Nutmeg grater?

  13. Gaga7 says:

    Whatsitwednesday is a nutmeg grater. Nutmeg is a spice from a nutmeg tree and the seeds are grated in this small grater. The top lifts off to hold the nutmeg seed until it is used up.

  14. chickie14 says:

    Nutmeg grater

  15. Jzelda says:

    It’s a nutmeg rasp, the nut itself can be stored inside the container.

  16. limerickey says:

    Grater used for nutmeg, ginger or other spices. Also could be used for garlic or onion.

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