Another old trademark is being updated. The first Land O’ Lakes package in 1928 pictured a landscape with Mia, the Indian girl on the Land O’ Lakes packages, kneeling and holding a box of butter. The logo was changed slightly in 1939, but Mia and the landscape remained. In the 1950s, Ojibwe artist Patrick Des Jarlait was hired to modernize the logo, and the landscape and Mia were slightly changed again. But in 2020, Mia’s image is no longer there. The box (pictured) now pictures a serene landscape with trees by the side of a lake.


4 responses to “Land O’ Lakes Butter Packaging Changing”

  1. mnkymaudie says:

    as a kid in the late 40’s and even now, we had/have a huge family circle that includes people that are NOT related by blood . Their closeness and love are honored by ‘Titles’ such as Auntie and Uncle and Papa. We are a mixed bag racially. The ‘Titles’ are not regarded as debasing nor demeaning but rather of respect and love. So Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, sorry that you are now relegated to mere elders and have to lose your TITLE of RESPECT.
    Mr. Ben? Ms Jemima?

  2. zvicki says:

    There was NOTHING offensive about Mia, she was a beautiful N. American Indian, and I will miss her very much!
    I get very tired of everyone’s “offence” these days. It seems to me, most of those that find the things in our (USA) culture so “offensive” need to get a real life and work much harder than you are, because then you won’t have time to worry about such things. It’s ridiculous! Unless or until those that have their images presented on historical products and “things of any kind” are offended, I think the rest of us should support them for having character and allowing the historical image to continue. All of these things and objects represent the history of the best country that ever existed!
    That too, seems to be missing from most of these “young offended persons”. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

  3. auntyem says:

    it isn’t just “a few people”. This country is getting more diverse. I object to “frito bandito”, chiquita banana, little black sambo, aunt jemima (you belong in the kitchen”), “uncle ben”, etc. “aunt” and “uncle” were used for black servants, emphasizing their low status in being kitchen servants and “other”.

  4. Poticny says:

    It’s a shame that all the logos we’ve known for so many years are all being changed. They weren’t being used against any denomination of people. I’m going on 85 years old and I remember all the different packaging on so many products and never even thought about them being offensive to anyone. Now all of a sudden you have people wanting to change everything. The Cleveland Indians baseball team was named after the first Indian to play on their team. The Indian people in our country should be proud of that. Now other teams are changing their names to please a few people.

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