The Arcade Manufacturing Company started as Novelty Iron Works in 1868. It made iron store fronts, windmills and coffee mills. It became Arcade Manufacturing Company in 1885 and the first product was a cork puller. In 1893, they started to make toys to make use of the scrap metal. Animal banks were made after 1908, and children-sized coffee grinders were made from the start until the 1930s. In 1921 the company decided to make toys that were copies of real vehicles and everyday items. The first of the toys was an accurate copy of the car used by Yellow Cab. By the 1930s, they were making copies of many other vehicles. The toys were well made, expensive and popular with children. When World War II started in 1941, they switched to war work, making special iron parts. After the war in 1946, the company was bought. It closed in 1953. This Arcade yellow double decker bus was made about 1926. It is a copy of a Yellow Coach and has the name on the side of the 13-inch-long toy,