Trifari (Alfred Philippe Trifari) jewelry is in demand again. A 1964 4 1/2-inch-high Trifari Firebird pin with a red gemstone eyes and green and blue stone plumes sold recently at Tarnova Auctions Inc. of Toronto, Canada, for $1,320. It was part of the “Firebirds Collection” and was featured in a Vogue magazine display in 1964. Trifari jewelry started as Trifari, Krussman & Fishel in the 1920s. Since about 1994 they have been part of the Monet jewelry group. Early jewelry was marked “Jewels by Trifari” or “TKF” until the 1940s, when the mark was changed to “Trifari.” Pieces made in the 1940s are desirable, and the demi-lunes, or crescent or half-moon shaped pieces, are among the most popular. 

trifari firebird pin

Photo: Taranova Auctions Inc.




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    Oops, that’s “Philippe.”

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