Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America for collectors, surpassed only by Christmas.  If you are looking for vintage collectibles to add to your Halloween display, look for those made in Germany of papier-mâché or cardboard. What brings the most money?  The early masks not made out of plastic, black cats and deco style Halloween costumes. Boxed costumes from the 1950s-1960s with plastic masks and trick or treat bags also are popular. 

This year save Halloween items that future collectors can easily date – witches riding on rockets, masked pumpkins or pandemic related items. Fifty years from now, people will comment on the strange costumes of the day. 


vintage halloween greetings postcard

Vintage Halloween postcard, with witch, jack-o’-lantern, black cat and verse, $47. Photo: Artelisted

vintage halloween black cat candle lantern

Black cat Halloween candle lantern, $192. Photo: Fox and Crane Online Auctions

casper and pink panther vintage halloween masks

Casper and Pink Panther Halloween costume masks, $12. Photo: Converse Auctions

halloween devil clicker 1930s

Halloween devil clicker noise maker, lithographed metal, 1930s, $48. Photo: Fox and Crane Online Auctions

composition halloween pumpkin man

Halloween Pumpkin Man figure, composition, 6 in., $460. Photo: Ron Rhoads Auctioneers

paper pulp halloween black cat candy container

Halloween black cat candy container, paper pulp, paper eyes, wire handle, $345. Photo: Ron Rhoads Auctioneers


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