Houseplant ownership has made a comeback, especially among millennials, who often call themselves “plant parents.” They have found a sense of purpose and joy in caring for their plants. The work-from-home culture created by the coronavirus pandemic also boosted this houseplant obsession. Many who work from home want to cultivate a beautiful and stress-free home/work environment.

As a result, they want planters that perfectly display their potted plants and fit into their overall home design. A recent design auction at Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) included more than 20 planters, architectural pottery and other ceramics by influential modern Italian and American designers that would complete the look of any well-designed home.

A small glazed ceramic planter by Marilyn Kay Austin, dated 1964, sold for $2,344. Austin (1940–2020) was known for her architectural pottery.

Malcolm Leland (1924–2019), a modernist sculptor and architectural designer, appreciated clean and simple designs in both architecture and ceramics. His artistic influence can be found in the architectural design elements of many Southern California buildings and public spaces. A bisque planter designed by Leland in 1956 sold for $2,031.

A pig planter (pictured on cover) by John Follis and Rex Goode, circa 1952, auctioned for $7,031. The “pig” planter was conceived from an art school class project in 1949 where each designer created distinctive forms for plants and trees. Goode (1920–2009) was a Texas architect who designed many churches and other buildings. Follis (1923–1994) later became a pioneer in environmental graphic design. His work includes logos for Disney World and signage for Sea World in Florida and the J. Paul Getty Museum in California. A bisque planter designed by Follis about 1955 brought $1,788.

LaGardo Tackett (1911–1984) was known for his architectural pottery, notably his oversized minimalist pots and planters usually found along the edges of pools, courtyards and gardens in California. A bisque planter designed by Tackett sold for $2,344.

Photos are courtesy of Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA), 16145 Hart St., Van Nuys, CA 91406. The November 17, 2022, Design auction catalog can be viewed at

Pig planter by John Follis and Rex Goode

Pig planter by John Follis and Rex Goode, Model G-99L, Architectural Pottery, c.1952, terra-cotta, enameled steel, 15 1/2 in. h. by 27 in. w. by 41 1/2 in. d., $7,031.


Small planter by Marilyn Kay Austin

Small planter by Marilyn Kay Austin, Model SR-950, Architectural Pottery, 1964. Glazed ceramic, signed and dated “Marilyn K Austin 1964,” 4 3/4 in. h. by 10 1/2 sq., $2,344.


Planter by LaGardo Tackett

Planter by LaGardo Tackett, Model TH-04, Architectural Pottery, c.1956, bisque, impressed maker’s mark on bottom, “Architectural Pottery Made in USA,” 25 in. h. by 18 in. dia., $2,344.


Planter by John Follis

Planter by John Follis, Model K-35, Architectural Pottery, c.1955, bisque, 19 in. h. by 18 in. dia., $1,788.


Planter by Malcolm Leland

Planter by Malcolm Leland, Model L-20, Architectural Pottery, c.1956, bisque, 20 1/2 in. h. by 14 1/4 in. dia., $2,031.


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