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The dimensions are 143 in h x 85 in w.

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9 responses to “#Whatsitwednesday”

  1. Kovels says:

    This is an Odd Fellows Secret Society red velvet beaded tapestry (may be a cape or cloak) the globe is beaded and surrounded by heavy embellishments of gold, silver, black, and mirror rhinestones. Some answers were withheld until today if the use of Google images was obvious.

  2. sk8trgrrl says:

    Odd Fellows Secret Society Red Velvet Beaded Tapestry

  3. Eaglemaniac says:

    Odd Fellows Secret Society Red Velvet Beaded Tapestry

  4. ceil10 says:


  5. Soart says:

    It looks like the train from a gown worn by “royalty” during the annual Fiesta celebration in San Antonio, Texas. Skilled artisans spend a year or more designing and hand constructing the elaborate costumes that reflect that year’s Fiesta theme. The gowns are worn by the elected Queen and her Court, all daughters of Order of the Alamo members during parades and other Fiesta events. The court and Fiesta themes vary each year. The gowns and their removable trains are all unique, and each is a work of art. A search for fiesta court dress train will yield a number of stunning examples.

  6. Cldy2day says:

    Emblem for First Special Service Force, from WW2

  7. windawgs says:

    An Odd Fellows ceremonial pennant.

  8. sandage2000 says:

    Looks like it might be a sail of a World Health Organization or some space organization which also had medicine (considering the caduceus at very top)

  9. flash472002 says:

    Odd Fellows tapestry

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