“What Is This?”

That’s the question we hear most at Kovels: What is this thing? Say you’re at a yard sale or flea market and wish you knew more about that eye-catching old plate, unusual vase or advertising sign. Or that strange looking contraption there in the corner – what was that used for? Click on our Identify menu at the top of the Kovels.com home page to learn how to identify antiques and collectibles like a professional. All Access subscribers tools include our Identification Guide, which teaches you to identify different types of antiques and collectibles. From pottery to silver to furniture to toys and dolls and everything in between, you’ll soon know what you’re looking at.

How Do I Do a Search in Kovels.com?

Searching is easy as 1-2-3. How’s that for an antique cliché? But it’s true.

  1. Do a site-wide search for articles, marks, prices, identification guides, sales reports and more for a particular collectible or category. (There’s a search bar for the entire site at the top of every page.)
  2. You can search within each section of Kovels.com. For example, if you are in the Reader Q&A on Marks section, you can search and filter from within just that section.
  3. Save your favorites easily by clicking on the “bookmark” icon on each article. Your content will be saved to the My Bookmarks section of your account.
  4. Once you get your search results click on the icon to select the type information you are looking for.
  5. Remember, your results can be sorted alphabetically, or by date. The prices can be sorted to show those with images on the top.  And you can always decide how many items per page. Don’t forget the filters on the left-hand side to further refine your search.


How Do I Identify Pottery, Silver or Other Marks?

On Your Marks: How to Tell How Old an Item Is and Where It’s From

Once you’re able to identify items, the next step is to find out how old it is and where it’s from. You’ll have to be a bit of a detective but we make it easier with our Look for your Mark feature. (Our library contains more than 20,000 marks!)

To use Look for Your Mark, start with the object category, like silver or pottery. Next, use the filter fields in the left sidebar to narrow your search by shape or letter.

Look for your mark filters

If your mark has specific words in it, like “Minton,” enter the keyword in the Keyword Filter at the top of the page. Then use the sidebar filters until you have found your mark.

How Do I Find Out How Much Something Is Worth?

Now that you’ve learned more using Look for Your Mark, it’s time to move on to pricing your collectibles.

The Kovels Price Guide has over 1 million prices, and we keep adding new ones. These prices are different from what you might find on other sites because a Kovels expert reviews every single price for accuracy.

What do you do when you need to find just one price out of the more than 1 million in the guide? Use the Price Guide’s special search and filter features to narrow your search.

You can search one of two ways:

Method 1

  • Select the collectible category, like Jewelry or Toys & Dolls.
  • Next, use the filters in the left sidebar to narrow your search. You’ll see different filters depending on the initial category you select. For example, “Barbie” will show up as a filter only under Toys & Dolls.

Method 2

  • If you’re searching for something very specific, you can use the keyword filter at the top of the page.
  • Then you can further refine your search with the sidebar filter tool.

Review Prices and Find Similar Collectibles

Once you’ve narrowed the field to just collectibles you’re interested in, click on each card to see the price and date of the sale, as well as any other relevant information. If you want to see prices for similar collectibles, click on the “Related Results” button.

Is It Easy to Use the Guide on My Phone or Tablet?

Kovels.com works great on mobile devices, which means you can bring all 1 million prices and the Guide’s efficient search tools with you to garage sales, auctions or other events. There’s no app to download. Just navigate to the Price a Collectible section of Kovels.com on your mobile device. Don’t worry the screen size will adjust to your phone.

Where Do I Start If I Want to Learn How to Buy or Sell My Antiques and Collectibles? Looking for the place to begin? Let’s start with the basics. Go to the How to Buy or Sell link located at the top of the Kovels home page. Click that and you’ll find links to:

And much more. Within each section you’ll find information on the many antique and collectible services available.

How Do I Stay Up to Date on Trends in the Antiques and Collectibles World?

In our Sales Reports section, Kovels Knowledge and All Access subscribers will find hundreds of reports with color pictures, descriptions, prices and an explanation of what influences the highs or lows. For everything from toys to formal furniture, glass, pottery, silver and more, get the low-down on your favorite collectibles.

The sales reports give the history of factories and items, as well as prices that help you determine the value of your piece. Discover how to find valuable antiques at bargain prices – and why you need a bungee cord at a flea market!

Can I Connect with Other Collectors through Kovels?

Yes! Say you have a question about early 20th century toy collectibles or want to meet up with other carnival glass aficionados. Head over to the Collector’s Corner, a space dedicated to the collector community. In this section you’ll find:

  • Event Calendar
    The event calendar lists different group gatherings, estate sales and auctions. You can also submit your own event.
  • Collector’s Questions
    Exclusive to Kovels Knowledge and All Access subscribers, the Collector’s Questions section gives you answers to questions asked by like-minded enthusiasts. In this section, the Kovels expert staff answers the questions, so you know you can trust the answers. After all, we’ve been at this for more than six decades!
  • Forums
    In the Forum, you can get advice from the Kovels community of collectors. We know you’ll find the answers, and we hope you’ll help answer other community members’ questions! Part of the fun of being a Kovels Knowledge or All Access member is sharing that knowledge with the greater collector community.

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  1. Wren Fulton says:

    I have a set of china inherited from my Austrian aunt. I have searched unsuccessfully for mark on this site. The mark resembles an urn with the word Austria underneath. Can anyone help me.

  2. June Jordan says:

    I have a Porcelain gold guilded 12″x 8″ Red White & Gold Serving Platter with 2 Punched out Handles having the mark of a Crown with A.K. under and the Marquise and a Fr under that Can anyone provide the information about it?

  3. Suep says:

    It’s not the most user friendly…

  4. Cheryl Epps says:

    Does anyone actually have any luck with this site?

  5. Nancy Heyer says:

    Mom died. Two of us left with a garage and house to empty out. This membership will be our support system. Thank you.

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