It’s hot in most of the U.S. and the beach is the place to be. Heading to the seashore in August offers a last blast of summer fun and adventure before schooldays begin. Kovels found 5 vintage beachy collectibles to enjoy at the shore and later, at home.



1.  Sand pails with bright color images are treasured by collectors. They were first made in the U.S. about 1920. This rare pail pictures Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and friends at Atlantic City. It was made by the Ohio Art Co. about 1938. It’s lithographed tin, 8 inches tall (12 inches to the top of the handle) and sold for $472 at a Pennsylvania auction. Most vintage sand pails sell for $25 to $50. Photo courtesy of Hake’s.


2.  Sand-powered toys are entertaining collectibles. Early sand toys were imported from Europe in the 1870s and’80s. The first Sandy Andy toy was patented in 1909 by the Sand Toy Co. of Pittsburgh. Other models followed and were advertised as “Pour sand in the hopper and Sandy Andy does the rest…” This is the Sandy Andy Crane made about 1915. Pour sand in the hopper and the boom swings causing the operator to pull the chain and let the sand fall into a pile or a waiting toy dump truck. The toy is lithographed and painted tin, 14 inches tall, and auctioned for $125 in Maryland. Photo courtesy of Theriault’s.


3.  Vintage bathing costumes were wool, heavy, water absorbing and made swimming hard. But they are collectible today. Swim suits from all eras – from the body covering costumes of the late 19th century to itsy bitsy bikinis of the 1960s – are desirable. Some collectors like to showcase them in frames. Pictured is a women’s swim outfit from the 1890s. It was offered for $280 online.

4.  A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without a souvenir. This vintage plastic tray is from Myrtle Beach, S.C. It’s 17 inches wide with has two handles and is perfect for delivering cocktails, snacks and a beachy memory anywhere. It sold for $22 in an online shop.


5.  Make the beach day perfect with lunch in a vintage picnic basket. Fill it with some colorful Melmac dishes from the 1950s, add a red and white checkered tablecloth and you’re all set! This 1940s picnic basket was made in England of woven wicker. It’s 22 by 13 by 8 inches and has a leather handle and straps. It includes service for six – plates, flatware with Bakelite handles, teacups, saucers, two thermos bottles, two food storage tins, jars and salt and pepper shakers. All that’s missing are salty snacks and sandwiches. It auctioned for $86 in Massachusetts. Photo courtesy of Skinner.