There is nothing more satisfying than combining planned trips with unplanned antiques shopping and thrifting. On a recent trip to southern Ohio, I found a 10,000-square-foot venue called Spring Street Antique Mall, about 40 minutes north of Athens. Once in Athens, I found another treasure trove of browsing and shopping located in a previously empty old shopping mall. It is called Peddler’s Junction.

We ended up squeezing in three visits to the Spring Street store, which was surrounded by other stores such as an Amish furniture store, two clothing stores and an ice cream parlor. There was so much to see.

Top items of interest included: Polish Pottery, $54 for a platter; Fiestaware, various prices, but ranging from $24 for a creamer, $10 coffee mugs, $8 plates, $24 for bowls and $39 for a lapis-colored tree-shaped platter; a white cast iron garden bench, $140; and a birds-eye maple child’s pewter cupboard for $129.

I ended up being drawn to the colorful dinnerware and bought six plates and six bowls.

At the indoor mall in Athens — a great use for an empty shopping area — there were vintage typewriters, $19.50; Madame Alexander dolls still in their original boxes, $8 ; and a Fisher-Price Tick Tock Learning Clock, also $8. The clock was purely a nostalgia purchase. I owned the wind-up learning clock, which played the song “Grandfather’s Clock” when wound up. My parents gave it away when I was in college. I mourned it, but now have it back.

Above are some items from the Spring Street Antique Mall, 26782 US-33 #9604, Rockbridge, Ohio, and the Peddler’s Junction, 1002 E. State St., Athens, Ohio.

Dated Kentucky Derby commemorative glasses

Dated Kentucky Derby commemorative glasses, $8.50-$10 each.


Garden decorations

Garden decorations, made with plates and vases, $70.



Whole section of Fiestaware.


Wrigley’s advertising sign

Wrigley’s advertising sign, $24.


Hummel figurine

Hummel figurine, girl at wishing well, no chips or cracks, $6.95.


McCoy cornucopia planter

Pink cornucopia planter, McCoy, $15 to $20.


Corning Ware warming platter, Blue Willow

Corning Ware warming platter, Cornflower Blue, $5.99.


Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox

Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox (no thermos), $40.


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  1. zvicki says:

    Nice finds, mostly reasonable prices to. I love the garden glass totems, I always wanted to make one, but could never collect the right items to do it.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that’s not a Hummel. It’s a Made in Japan knockoff from about the 1950’s. Happy Hunting!

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