What a treat! We went to the Burton Antiques Market and experienced the fun of wandering around looking for antiques and collectibles. It was a perfect day. There were more than 300 dealers and although we didn’t get there in the time for the early bird, we were told there was a long line waiting to get into the show, which was both indoors and out. There was lots of furniture — especially country and solid, old wooden pieces. We also enjoyed browsing through costume and silver jewelry, household goods and decorative pieces. We didn’t see many toys, old advertising signs or mid-century items. Terry and I want to share some of the treasures that caught our attention.

Note: The Burton Antiques Market is twice a year —June and September. The next show is September 25, 2021.

burton antiques market, ohio

Crowd on the track at the Geauga County Fairgrounds, the location of the Burton Antiques Market. We saw all age ranges, from gray hair to baby carriages.

pyrex casserole midnight bloom

Pyrex Midnight Bloom casserole, black cover, $82. Sitting on a table with other vintage Pyrex.


French pan

Early French pan, $295. This dealer had a booth full of vintage cast iron pans by Griswold, Wagner and others. He said business was good.

ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles, $60 or 2 for $100. This dealer had all kinds of architectural building parts for sale. Terry got a piece of a frieze made of polychrome terracotta from a building in Philadelphia. It’s now a sculpture in her garden.


Putnam Dyes cabinet

Putnam Dyes cabinet, $345. One of the few advertising pieces we found.


knickerbocker toy pig

Plastic Knickerbocker toy, $24.


Mission chair

Mission chair, $295.


Vintage toaster

Vintage toaster, $20.



hudson's bay blanket

Hudson’s Bay Company blanket, $295. We got one in Canada many years ago on a family vacation.


hudson's bay label

Closeup of Hudson’s Bay label

McCoy sprinkler frog

McCoy sprinkler frog, very large, $450.





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