On a recent trip to California, we had a chance to visit Mission San Juan Capistrano. The mission, built in 1776, includes a museum with exhibits showing daily life 300 years ago. It’s probably best known for the swallows that return each year during their annual migration. Numerous swallows’ nests are visible in the mission’s outside rafters.

We stopped at Old Barn Antiques Mall, which has about 60 dealers. It’s a great place to look for Western collectibles that you won’t readily find in other parts of the country. Here are some of the Western items that caught our eye.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

Swallows’ nests at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mexican silver spurs, $475. Other spurs, not made of silver, were selling for $20 – $25.

Cowboy boots, $69 pair.

Breyer horses, 1980s, $20 – $60.

Denim jackets, Lee, 1970, $65.


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