The tops of stone pillars, pieces of carved wooden fretwork, doors, windows, stair railings, exterior tiles, wooden flooring, paneling, and other pieces of buildings are now bought and sold in the antiques market. Many of these items are large, heavy, and difficult to move, but there are specialists who deal in “architectural antiques.” Sometimes they are salvage dealers who demolish buildings and remove any salable parts. If you have rights to a large building or an old house that is about to be destroyed, examine it carefully for valuable collectibles that can be saved. Not only the wood or stone carvings, but many other parts of a building can be sold. Any sort of ornamental ironwork is in demand, including elevator doors, radiator covers, ventilator grills, locks, handles, or hinges. Light fixtures, church pews, marble benches, anything deco¬rative, is desirable. Even special wall coverings or carpeting can be sold. Don’t forget light fixtures, old bathtubs, unusual windows, fireplace mantels, and tile, especially decorative pieces with birds, flowers, or other designs. Sometimes the wooden flooring is unusual and wanted for use in another old house. And if you have a use for them, the outdoor shutters also have value.

How to Buy or Sell — Architectural Antiques

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