The largest antiques you will have to sell are probably pieces of furniture. They are also among the most valuable, though the size creates special problems and limits your methods of sale. “Antique” furniture, which includes anything 100 years old or more, has a market value that can be determined online, from price books, auctions, and shop sales. Vintage furniture is anything made betwwen1920 and 1950. Mid-century Modern is from the 1950s and ’60s. Modern is furniture that overlaps some of these years but has simple clean lines and little decoration with the look of Scandinavian furniture. And modern is the furniture in new shapes made possible by modern technology. There are a lot of other definitions but that is what we are using. You will hear about chairs that sell for $150,000 each, even one that brought $2.75 million, but these are the great rarities of the eighteenth century. You probably have less valuable pieces.

Thomasville Chippendale style chair

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