Everyone knows that oriental rugs have value, but it is almost impossible to determine the value unless you are a rug expert. If you inherit a large, old oriental, have it appraised by a rug dealer or sold through an auction gallery. Never ask a rug dealer to “make an offer.” If you were in the business of selling old rugs, wouldn’t you offer as little as possible so that you could make a larger profit? The actual worth of the rug and the offer may have little in common. It is better to pay for an appraisal from a competent person and then try to sell it elsewhere. If you sell it as part of a house sale, be sure to learn the proper name for the rug and be sure you have an expert set the price. Many things affect rug prices: the condition (no worn spots, stains, or missing fringe), the color (unfaded), the number of knots to the inch, the material (silk or wool are best), and the design and overall quality. Size is also important. Room-sized rugs and stair runners sell quickly. Very large rugs, 18 by 30 feet or larger, can only bring good prices at a well-advertised auction or from a major rug dealer.


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