Antique cooking and heating stoves have gained popularity in recent years and all types are sold to be used or displayed. The problem is they are large and heavy. Try to sell them through an online ad. There are two basic types of stoves: those that are used for cooking and those that are used for heating. Cast iron stoves were made from 1723, and modern copies are still being made. Some early stoves were made to fit in the fireplace, Some were free standing in a room to heat it and there could be a pipe that went through the ceiling to direct heat to another floor. Stoves used wood, coal, gas, kerosene, and, eventually, electricity. Most buyers want a stove to use or to add to a period look. Many old stoves are now used to cook, and modern copies are being made. Look for a company name molded into the front of the stove like QUICK MEAL,WARM MORNING, or GARLAND. Often the name was also a trademark, and the date a stove was made can be easy to find from the name. Franklin, Shaker, parlor, soapstone, stove plates, dumb stove, globe, and many other terms are used in auction ads. Most refer to special use or shape. Each make of stove has its own value, so a search for the maker is a good place to start. There are also figural stoves that look like George Washington or a goddess; they were made to heat the living room but look like a statue. Shipping costs on heavy stoves are very high, so it’s best to try to buy or sell a stove near its destination.


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