Q: I recently inherited volumes of brand new collectible plates and plate sets and am researching venues to either bulk wholesale them or to offer them at below cost to a major retailer. Every plate I have looked at comes with a certificate of authenticity, a box, etc. All are new and in perfect condition. Do you know a retailer who might be interested in them?

A: Collector plates are hard to sell and almost all sell for less than their original value. Even the more expensive plates made by Danish manufacturers in the last 30 years have gone down in value. Most collector plates made by American makers sell for about $10 to $15 or less. If you want to sell the entire collection to a retailer, make a list of the plates you have and include the manufacturer’s name and the name of the plate. Be sure to indicate that you have the certificate of authenticity and the box for each. You can contact an online source like Replacements.com or try local antiques or consignment shops. Remember, the retailer has to make money on the deal and you will be lucky to get half the price the retailer sells them for.

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