Pieces made by Shawnee Pottery (1937-1961) are popular and inexpensive. Probably best-known are the dinnerware pieces from sets of Corn King, made from 1946 to 1954; Corn Queen, made from 1954 to 1981; and the figural cookie jars. Any jars that were imperfect were kept aside and sold to employees or to the public in the company store. Many of these jars were given added decorations to hide flaws, and today many collectors seek these “rarities.” Original “perfect” jars had no gold decoration and no small bugs, patches, or flowers used to hide flaws. For more information and prices, see our online price guide.





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  1. diawilli says:

    This item appears to be yellow clay and covered with painted glaze that was not fired. The paint is chipping off of ears. This almost looks like and original prototype.

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