Something to watch out for. The original Mickey Mouse wristwatch, first made by Ingersoll in 1933, is being reproduced. It has a round dial with Mickey Mouse on the face, his arms serving as the watch’s hands and his yellow gloves pointing to the numbers. His feet are positioned just inside the numbers 5 and 7, which do not have bar indicators. A subdial features three running mice. Unlike the original, the reproduction is made with a quartz movement and does not include “Mickey Mouse Ingersoll” on the watch face. Until now, most reproductions were copies of the 1934 version.

Mickey Mouse Wristwatch, first edition

Mickey Mouse wristwatch, first edition, 1933


Mickey MouMickey Mouse wristwatch se wristwatch replica

Mickey Mouse wristwatch reproduction

Photos: Second Hand Horology, Hammacher Schlemmer



2 responses to “Mickey Mouse Watch Repro”

  1. DM1 says:

    What a shame! Ha! To store it for so long only to throw it out? Sounds like my mom who threw away everything I had ever collected as a kid, when she sold our childhood home. The least she could have done was called me and asked me if I wanted any of my stuff!

  2. Tallulah761 says:

    I had one of these as a little girl. When I outgrew it, my mother kept it in her dresser for many years. In the 60’s, they became popuar again and I asked her for it.
    She told m that she had thrown it out a few weeks earlier.

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