We won’t get fooled again? Maybe not, with AI. Counterfeits and forgeries have caused problems for collectors and dealers for a long time. Fans of designer goods have new technology on their side. An app called Entrupy uses artificial intelligence to examine details of designer handbags and high-end sneakers. It takes less than a minute to determine if a piece is authentic or “unidentifiable” using a magnifying lens to capture microscopic details that often go unnoticed to the unaided human eye. Maybe the future will see similar AI tools to help identify and authenticate other collectibles.

entrupy app ai artificial intelligence authenticate designer product

Photo: Entrupy.com


2 responses to “New App Uses AI to Help Authenticate Handbags, Sneakers”

  1. SoldTwiceInc says:

    There is a fee to use this product: starts at over $100 / month with a limit of 5 items, $25 per item for any over the limit. More volume, lower price and there is an annual discount.

  2. clippertwo says:

    Is it a free app or does it cost money to download it ?

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