Supervillain sets world record. While the Mego toy company is known for its superhero action figures, one of its villains stole the spotlight. An 8-inch action figure of Spider-Man’s antagonist Green Goblin recently sold for $76,700 at Hake’s Auctions, setting a record for any Mego toy. This figure is part of Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line, which began in 1972 with figures of four characters from DC Comics. The figures were 8 inches tall with posable bodies. The line quickly expanded to include more characters, including Marvel heroes. Marvel copyrighted the Green Goblin in 1975 and Mego issued the figure in 1977. Because it was soon discontinued, Mego Green Goblin figures are hard to find. The example Hake’s sold is still packaged in its blister card, making it even more desirable.

Green Goblin superhero action figure



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