Record price for a VHS tape. Check your old VHS collection. A sealed copy of the 1986 comedy Back to the Future was recently sold for $75,000 by Heritage Auctions. The closing price is believed to be the highest ever paid for a VHS tape. The tape came from the collection of Tom Wilson, an actor featured in the Back to the Future trilogy. The tape was still in its original shrink wrap and rated near-mint by experts. Wilson starred as Biff Tannen and other members of the Tannen family in the trilogy. Other VHS tapes (still in shrink wrap) that have gone for high prices tend to be hit movies, including Jaws, Top Gun and assorted Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles.

Back to the Future VHS tape


Photo: Heritage Auctions,

2 responses to “VHS Copy of Movie Sells for Tens of Thousands”

  1. gravesky says:

    Agree. Ridiculous!!

  2. JudyS57 says:

    that is ridiculous!!!!

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