Q: How much is a Mickey Mouse rotary dial telephone worth? It’s 15 1/2 inches high and in excellent condition. How would I go about marketing it to Mickey Mouse or Disney collectors?

A: Mickey Mouse is Disney’s most popular character. He made his debut in the 1928 cartoon “Steamboat Willie.All kinds of Mickey Mouse memorabilia have been made, including several types of real telephones and toy telephones. Your telephone was made by American Telecommunications Corporation of El Monte, California, in 1976. The company also made this model with a pushbutton dial. Mickey Mouse telephones like yours with a rotary dial have sold at auctions and on websites. Some sell for under $50. A few have sold for $100 or more. If you decide to try to sell the telephone yourself, an online ad will attract buyers. It’s easier to take the telephone to a consignment shop, sell it to an antiques dealer, or contact auctions and online sellers of Disney items. Sellers also buy things. Be sure to find out what the charges are and what percentage of the final sale you will get.

mickey mouse telephone

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