Q: I’m searching for information on the this porcelain mark which is on the bottom of a platter. It says “RosenXthal Selb-Bavaria, Versailles.” There is a crown over the large “X.” Below that it’s stamped “Nicolaus Franz Nachf., Hoflieferant, Frankfurt a.M.” Any leads you may have would be greatly appreciated.


A: The platter was made by Rosenthal, a porcelain factory established in Selb, Bavaria, in 1880. Rosenthal was bought by the Waterford Wedgwood Group in 1998 and became part of the Arcturus Group in 2009. Rosenthal used this mark between 1907 and 1910. The pattern name is “Versailles.” The words in red are German and translate as “Nicolaus Franz successor to court supplier Frankfurt a.M.” Nicolaus Franz sold porcelain and glass goods in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

rosenthal selb-bavaria versailles pottery mark nicolaus franz nachf hoflieferant frankfurt a m

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