The house featured in The Brady Bunch is just as beloved as the fictional family who called it home. Now it’s owned by a fan.

Generations of fans have loved The Brady Bunch since the sitcom made its debut on TV in September of 1969. Fans still collect merchandise like games, paper dolls, and lunch boxes featuring Mike and Carol Brady and their children Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy.  Now, one fan has bought what might be the ultimate piece of memorabilia: the Bradys’ house, as it looked on the show, inside and out.  

While interior scenes were shot on a sound stage, the show used a real house in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles for the exterior shots. That house is said to be the second-most photographed house in America, behind only the White House.  

HGTV purchased the house for $3.5 million in 2018. In 2019, the year of the show’s 50th anniversary, the actors who played the six Brady kids reunited for A Very Brady Renovation, a limited series where they worked along with HGTV stars and construction workers to renovate the house so the interior would match the Brady Bunch sets, from the burnt-orange and avocado-green kitchen to the famous floating staircase and the bedrooms on the second floor. There’s even a teeter-totter and doghouse in the backyard. Then they furnished the house with 1970s-style decorations sourced from fans and Paramount studios. Some pieces were the originals used on the show. 

The house went to market in May 2023, listed at $5.5 million. It sold at a loss; art collector Tina Trahan purchased it for $3.2 million. The loss wasn’t unexpected. Danny Brown, the listing agent, told TVLine it was “impossible to comp,” acknowledging that “This is not a home anyone would ever live in” and basing the listing price on what HGTV spent buying and renovating the house. The network is donating a portion of the proceeds to No Kid Hungry.  

Trahan initially called the house “the worst investment ever” in terms of property. Fortunately for her, she didn’t buy it as property; she bought it as art. “When I buy art, it’s because I love the art,” she told People magazine. A longtime fan of The Brady Bunch, having grown up watching the show, she sees the value in the work that went into renovating the house and the joy the show brought to people. She hopes to share that joy by using the house to raise money for charities. 

Brady Bunch House Exterior


The very familiar exterior of the Brady Bunch house. Courtesy

Brady Bunch Living Room


The scene of many Brady family meetings–the living room. Courtesy

Brady Bunch House Interior floating staircase


Interior of the Brady Bunch house with its famous floating staircase. Courtesy


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