We don’t really need an excuse to go thrift store shopping, but recently we celebrated “National Thrift Shop Day.” Finally shopping at stores such as Goodwill and online secondhand bargain hunting is celebrated with an official day! Did you know that on average, Americans throw away 70 pounds of clothing a year? And who knows how many perfectly good kitchen and ovenware items (we’re thinking Pyrex …) are regulated to thrift store shelves. We are helping the environment by thrifting.

If you missed Thrift Shop Day, don’t forget that fall is a great time to visit flea markets. Another reason to go thrifting. But don’t go unarmed. Have the link to Kovels.com handy on your phone, or bring the newest edition of Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guideto make sure you are getting a great price.

We’ve shared our tips for bargain shopping before, but they are worth repeating:

If you are looking for furniture, measure before you go. Include measurements of doorways and the turns of stairways. Be careful though. Used furniture, because it is so popular now as people paint it and re-sell it, is rising in cost. It might not be a good buy anymore.

Look for chips or flaws that may be hidden under price stickers.

Old video games and vintage gaming systems are hot collectibles, worth rummaging past the old TVs and fax machines.

Anime books are hot sellers on the resale market. Buy a bunch of them cheap at used bookstores. Read them, keep them, or resell them for a profit.

Don’t buy a smelly or stained rugs or clothing. It may be difficult if not impossible to get the smell or stains out.

Take batteries with you to see if toys work.


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Photo: Goodwill Industries (via ABC News)



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  1. jojoconnor says:

    Old China can be pretty, but it can also contain contaminants. Do your research.

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