Do you want to know what isn’t selling anymore in the collectibles market? Do you have a personal collection you are thinking of selling? Did you hear about the yard-sale vase that resold for $303,000? Those are just some of the stories on that intrigued our readers. Here is a list of our Top 10 website stories. They are worth looking at again as we start 2022. Enjoy!

  1. Ten Things You Should NOT Throw Away
  2. English Registry Marks
  3. 6 Collectibles NOT to Collect Anymore
  4. What’s Not Selling and Why
  5. 10 Collectibles NOT Worth Collecting Anymore
  6. Top 10 Tips For Smart Flea Market Shopping
  7. Decluttering? Don’t Throw Money Away! Kovels’ Lists 9 Items That Are Going up in Value
  8. Marks on Items Made in Japan
  9. Tips on Selling a Personal Collection
  10. Yard Sale Vase Auctions for $303,000


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