Psssst — are you by yourself right now? Good! Because you might want to keep this a secret from your friends and loved ones until all the presents are opened.  We have 10 great gift ideas (and a bonus idea!) to make your lives easier. Our first suggestion before we start our list, however, is to give a collector friend or loved one something they collect, if that’s possible. Go to a reputable dealer or online site, do your research and check arrival dates. Beyond that, here are some ideas based on current trends and tried-and-true gifts.

1. Vintage jewelry is always appreciated.  A Bakelite bracelet is one idea. Bakelite is less expensive this year and coming back in fashion.

2. A cast iron doorstop. Practical and useful. It can be a vase of flowers or a cute pug dog.

3. For an older friend or relative, find some 1950s or 1960s cookie cutters to remind them of their youth or create new memories.  Look for metal ones with the handles and vibrantly colored plastic examples.

4. Card games are back! Look for an old deck of cards with interesting pictures, or as a bonus, interesting graphics on a vintage card game.

5. Woven tablecloth for holiday parties. If they are woven, they are less likely to need ironing.

6. Paperweight.  They come in all sizes, prices and ages.

7. Colorful glass flower vase from 1960s — look for glass by Fenton, Fostoria or other makers.

8. Cut glass pickle dish. Cut glass is a bargain right now and it still looks good on the table, especially filled with holiday treats.  (Cut glass is cut to form the pattern, unlike pressed glass.)

9. Vintage silk pictorial scarf.

10. Our house favorite of course,  Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2022 with autographed by Terry Kovel plus a FREE fakes booklet.

BONUS. Gift a membership to An entire year of antiques and collectibles knowledge — prices, marks, buying and selling expertise, readers Q & A and our monthly newsletter Kovels on Antiques & Collectibles PLUS 47 years of archives!