Kovels’ readers know: Garage sale finds, items tucked away in drawers and attics, and thrift stores are the greatest source of surprisingly valuable finds. Here are our website readers’ favorite finds in 2022. 

Click through to enjoy again tales of unexpected finds and some amazing sales of those treasures. 

The first two stories were published in 2021, but are still popular enough to make our Top Six in 2022.


Here are the Top Six hits. 

  1. What’s On That Yard Sale Table? $35 Garage Sale Bowl Sells for $721,800
  2. Dish tucked Away in a Drawer Sells for Nearly $2 Million  
  3. House-Sale Find Is 400-Year-Old Chinese Vase Worth Nearly $20,000 
  4. $10 Thrift Store Buy Sells for Nearly $3,000 on eBay  
  5. Caught on Camera! Rare Football Card Found, Sells for $100,000 
  6. Sand-In-A-Bottle Art Sells for $800,000