Break out the green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There were celebrations in Ireland for centuries, but it was not until 1762 that America held a celebration and parade in New York City. By the 1840s, the parades had become an annual event to remember the saint. Gradually, Irish immigrants realized that the parade was a show of numbers of voters and the parades became more political. Today, the day is best known for shamrocks, church in the morning, parades, music and green beer. While this year’s celebration will be different, there is no doubt the symbols of the day will still be everywhere!  

If you are looking for St. Patrick’s Day collectibles, collectors like shamrocks and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Vintage Irish Belleek pottery with shamrocks in good condition sell well.

Other ceramics, like this “Dooley” beer stein (of the pair Schultz & Dooley, advertising character steins used in commercials and promotional items for Utica Club Beer) also picture shamrocks, and their prices are based on rarity and condition. The stein is marked “Western Germany.” Pottery marked West or Western Germany was made from 1949 to 1990.

Since the shamrock is a popular Irish symbol, you can also buy a live shamrock plant to enjoy! 

belleek shamrock covered dish

Belleek porcelain covered dish, limited edition, $165.
Photo: Versailles Art Gallery

shamrock german beer stein

Dooley advertising character beer stein, decorated with shamrock, marked on bottom “West End Brewing Co., Utica, N.Y.” (WEBCO) and “Western Germany,” 7 in., $135. Pottery marked West or Western Germany was made from 1949 to 1990.
Photo: Heart Felt Antiques & Auction Service



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