Matthew Ables felt a little “Goofy” when he tried to use a Disney World ticket from 1978 he found at home to enter the Florida theme park recently. But he needn’t worry because even a vintage ticket with a face value of $8 allowed him entrance into The Magic Kingdom.

Matthew Ables Disney ticket

No wonder they call it “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

In a TikTok video with more than 12 million views, Ables said he found a ticket book from 1978 at home that had been “collecting dust” all these years. “I tried getting into Disney World with a 46-year-old ticket originally worth $8,” he said at the start of the video. What made the ticket special was the fact that there was no expiration date.

Depending on the month and day of the week, a ticket to Walt Disney World in Florida today costs from $109 to $164 or more.

After flying to Orlando, Ables presented his vintage ticket to a woman at a ticket booth. “I was getting nervous there because she started aggressively stamping ‘void’ all over the ticket booklet,” Ables said in the video.

Ables’ fear was misplaced. Moments later, a staff member handed him a yellow pass granting access to the theme park for the day. “I can’t believe this actually worked,” Ables confessed after walking into The Magic Kingdom.

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4 responses to “Man Discovers an $8 Disney World Ticket from the ‘70s Still Works”

  1. Southtowestgal says:

    The ticket is said to be 46 years old, that would be 1978.

  2. norcalgal says:

    Disney World in Florida did not open until October 1971! Any tickets you have must be from Disney LAND in California!

  3. kuchen13 says:

    Was there a DisneyWorld in the 1950’s?

  4. phyllisnaomi says:

    I have 3 tickets to 3 rides in DisneyWorld 1950’s Maybe their valuable?

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