Kovels’ online price guide has just gotten even bigger and better! More than 12,000 new prices and 3,000 photos of antiques and collectibles have been added to Kovels’ already comprehensive online price guide. Collectors will find prices of furniture, toys, pottery, porcelain, all kinds of glass, clothing, purses and so much more.

Need a guide for buying and selling, appraising, or settling an inheritance? Kovels’ prices are current, from sales at shops, shows, flea markets, auctions, and online, all checked for accuracy by Kovels’ experts.

And the Kovels.com search capabilities make finding prices easy. Collectors can search three different ways:

1. Look in one of the 700-plus categories listed under “Antique Price Guide by Alphabetical Order” that reflect a wide range of collectors’ interests. Category descriptions include information on makers with marks and dates to help readers identify market trends and accurately price collectibles.

2. Search by topic and use the filters to narrow down what you are looking for.

3. Type keywords about your object in the main search bar next to the magnifying glass at the top right of every page. Searching this way will also list other information on Kovels.com that may be of interest.

Visit Kovels’ online price guide—collecting enthusiasts can see for themselves what treasures await!