The new Ghostbusters movie is coming out this month, which can mean only one thing: lots of Ghostbusters-related toys and memorabilia out just in time for the holiday season. Back in 1984, when the original Ghostbusters movie was released, the market was flooded with related toys. Today, those items sell well at auction, particularly if they are in an unopened box. An Ertl JoyRide die-cast metal Ghostbusters Ecto-1+ Slimer toy car in an unopened box recently sold for $228. A 1986 set of Ecto-Plazm Play Gel Cans from Kenner is one of the most sought-after Ghostbusters collectibles. A set came with blue, pink and yellow cans of gel. Despite a small crack on one of the lids, one set recently sold for $2,000.

It’s a bit of a gamble to buy something new because you think it will be a big hit and appreciate for future generations. But, if you would rather save the toy than play with it, here are some quick tips for buying new Ghostbusters collectibles:

  • Look for a familiar person or object that is clearly from the movie.
  • Seek something that is important to the story.
  • Choose collectibles that look good sitting on a table for your friends to see.

To get the highest return, buy something large enough, attractive enough, with limited production and leave it untouched in the original box, including any special video games. Or get an important prop from the movie.

ghostbusters ecto 1 toy cast metal ambulance

Ghostbusters Ecto I toy car, die cast metal, 1/18 scale, Ertl JoyRide, original box, $228.
Photo: Kraft Auction Service


ghostbusters stay puft marshmallow man head

“Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” creature head, fiberglass shell over a bicycle helmet, cast foam hat, sold with white painted foam latex feet, $96,000.
Photo: Heritage Auctions



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