A New York thrift shop customer will never complain about doing the dishes again, not after the four ceramic plates she bought for $8 at a Salvation Army store sold for more than $40,000.

Nancy Cavaliere was on her way home from work when she stopped by her local Salvation Army. Finding nothing interesting, Cavaliere was about to leave when she spotted four black plates with geometric faces hand-painted on them. Intrigued, she bought all four for $1.99 each.

After an online search, Cavaliere discovered her thrift store plates were part of Pablo Picasso’s “Visage Noir” series of hand-painted ceramics produced in a pottery studio in Madoura in southern France during the 1940s. Cavaliere eventually landed at Sotheby’s, who sold three of the plates for more than $40,000.

Cavaliere is holding onto the fourth piece, which bears Picasso’s signature. The savvy shopper is storing her ceramic treasure in a safety deposit box, planning to sell it in 20 years and give the money to her daughter.

Until then, you can bet she’ll be thrifting for more hidden treasures to discover.

Thrift store plates turn out to be

Thrift store plates turn out to be hand-painted Picasso ceramics worth $40,000.
Photo: Courtesy Sotheby’s

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