A relaxing ocean beach vacation and nice seafood dinner. Who knew that could be profitable? A Pennsylvania couple vacationing at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, ordered a clam appetizer at an upscale restaurant. After it arrived, the man bit down on something hard. He thought it was part of the shell. It turned out to be a rare purple pearl, worth from $600 to $1,600. Pearls produced by quahog clams are often button-shaped and can be white, brown or purple. They are “exceptionally rare,” occurring in about one in 5,000 shells, according to the International Gem Society.

The couple plan to get the pearl appraised soon but are thinking of keeping it, possibly incorporating it into a piece of jewelry, instead of selling it.

rare purple pearl found in oyster at delaware restaurant

Photo: Scott Overland (via FoodNetwork.com)



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  1. Nancy Warren says:

    How cool! The purple is beautiful. What great luck. I have bitten down on several grayish colored tiny to small pearls in food dishes in New Orleans. Haven’t done anything with them. ?

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