A 1918 “Inverted Jenny” United States postage stamp that pictures an upside down airplane sold for $1.3 million (price includes all fees). Only 100 were mistakenly printed in 1918. They were quickly sold by the man who got them from the post office. In 1955, four were stolen from an exhibit. Two were recovered, the other two to be given to the American Philatelic Society if they were ever found. In April 2016, an Irish man inherited an Inverted Jenny stamp from his grandfather. He wanted to sell it at a U.S. auction. When it was identified as one of the four stamps stolen in 1936, it was returned to the American Philatelic Society. They sold it at the World Stamp Show auction for $1.3 million. The Irish heir got a $50,000 reward. About 98 of the original 100 stamps are accounted for. The fate of the last stolen stamp is still a mystery. (See Kovels Komments March 30, 2016 for related information.)